Who is Ross Lukeman?

Ross Lukeman

Hey there, my name's Ross Lukeman and if you're looking for cutting-edge information on van conversion techniques and technologies, you've come to the right place!

Where it all began...

My story begins in 2014, when my life had become somewhat routine and I was looking to make some big changes. I had discovered van living while doing research for an alternative homes book I was writing, and van life seemed to fit the situation I found myself in.

I'd suppressed my desire to get out and explore for many years, in the need to pay off student loan and credit card debt, and just get a handle on things.

For the past 5 years I’d been drawing electrical diagrams for U.S. State Department properties around the world, occasionally getting to travel and install electrical systems in countries such as Peru, Indonesia, and Lithuania.

Despite my trips for work, most of my time was spent at home, where I tended to stay well within my comfort zone. At some point I realized that I was 9 years past earning my degree in Architecture, and still hadn’t really lived outside of my hometown of Houston, Texas.  

Back when I'd graduated college, I had wanted to leave and explore unknown places, but I hadn’t made it. This was my chance.

In 2016 I finally broke out, leaving in the van I’d spent the last year converting, and heading out on a road trip with no definite end date.

I explored the old West, the Pacific Coast Highway, major cities, and the little towns in between that no one sees.

Life was vivid again, and I was constantly learning and experiencing new things. I was no longer waiting to live, I was living!

I was hooked.

I had also begun teaching my van construction techniques online, and students started calling. From Seattle to South Florida, in 2017 I began helping students convert every major van brand, including the ProMaster, Transit and Sprinter. After thousands of hours of construction, I’ve refined my van conversion advice to the latest components and techniques.

Today I am proud to apply my love of design and construction to something I wholeheartedly believe in, helping others break out of the monotony, and take the road less traveled.

If that’s a path you’d like to take, then I’d be honored to be a guide on your journey towards a more vivid, no-holds-barred kind of life. Adventure awaits!

Start your own adventure today!


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