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What You'll Learn

A Time-Released Program to Help You Do the Right Power System, the First Time

Module 1: Sizing Your System

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  • Where every system design begins, and why that is
  • How to take your appliance and find how much battery capacity it needs
  • How to find the power an item takes when the label doesn't say
  • How to find how much battery capacity you need for one day
  • Bonus: The Vanlife Items Master List (common items and appliances from Ross's last 20 power system designs)
  • Bonus: The Van Power Calculator (plug in items you choose from the Master list above and watch it calculate battery, solar, and inverter size recommendations)
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Module 2: Charging Overview + Shore Power Deep Dive

Released Week 2

  • How multiple charging sources can combine and not interfere with each other
  • How to know which charging sources you need, and what you can leave out
  • The 1 piece of hardware where all charging sources converge
  • How to wire your system to prevent electrical fires
  • Ross's recommended shore power components, and how they wire together (point-to-point, from shore inlet to where you plug in your appliance)
  • How to incorporate a generator option in your shore power strategy
  • Ross's proprietary inverter setup that will stretch how long you can stay off-grid with a given battery capacity
  • How to swap out Ross's recommended components for your favorite brands
  • Recommended cables, wires, fuses, and breakers used with shore power
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Module 3: Solar + Alternator Power Deep Dives

Released Week 3

  • Demonstration of how solar power is wired together with explanations of each component along the circuit
  • How to mix solar panels of different sizes, and how NOT to do it
  • The components you need to make mounting your panels a cinch (and not a nightmare)
  • Bonus: Recommended Roof Plans for Sprinter, Transit and ProMaster with solar panels (and other common items)
  • Demonstration of how alternator power is wired together with explanations of each component along the circuit
  • Where you connect to the van to pick up alternator power (including Sprinter, Transit and ProMaster)
  • Recommended alternator charging components, and how to choose the right one for your battery type
  • Implications of eliminating solar and relying on alternator charging alone
  • How to not overheat and shorten the life of your alternator while still getting a robust charge from it
  • Recommended cables, wires, fuses, and breakers used with solar and alternator power
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Module 4: Battery Deep Dive

Released Week 4

  • Battery Type Comparison: A look at charging speed, efficiency, lifespan, cold weather performance, price, and more
  • The lithium battery type with the easiest wiring, and the one with the hardest (brand comparison)
  • The lithium battery type to go with if you want higher capacity but you're short on space
  • Ross's safety tips while working with batteries and the one situation you want to avoid
  • Bonus Discussion: Pros and Cons of All-in-One units such as the Goal Zero Yeti
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Module 5: Tools, Wires and Installation Tips

Released Week 5

  • Basic tools for making your own cables and demos of how to make them 
  • Next-level pro tools Ross has used to install power systems up to $11,000 (and how to know if you need them)
  • Where to order cables to your specifications if you don't want to make them
  • Recommended wire, breaker and fuse sizes for common vanlife appliances (and how these tie in to your larger system)
  • The wire type to use for your circuits around the van, and the tool that will speed up your connections 5X while preventing wire damage
  • How to make an electrical floorpan so you don't forget a wire
  • And more...
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Bonus Module 6: Step-by-Step Power Systems

Released Week 6

  • Apply what you've learned with Ross's curated selection of power systems for different needs
  • Step-by-Step Diagrams show you the path of installation
  • Parts lists with links and pictures give you the main components along with all of the small connectors and accessories that no one talks about but are vital to your install
  • Systems are based on Ross's designs and installations on all major van brands since 2015
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About the Instructor

Ross Lukeman has designed van power systems for students around the world since 2015, and installed systems of all types and sizes in vans of every major brand throughout North America. He lived full-time in a van for 2 years, road-testing components in urban and off-grid environments throughout USA. 

His work has been featured in DoItYourself RV, Tiny House Talk, Tiny House Blog, RV Lifestyle, Treehugger, and others.

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Ross Lukeman

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