At Alternative Homes Today, we believe alternative home and energy technologies have the power to change lives.

Through the stories of trailblazing amateur and professional builders, we bring you an array of homes built with cutting-edge technology and old-world techniques, unlocking new levels of freedom and sustainability for those who dare to step outside the norm.


About the founder

Ross Lukeman

My name is Ross Lukeman and the idea for this site was born around 2010, when my aversion to mortgages combined with a realization that I didn’t get the “whole story” in architecture school.

Born the son of a financial advisor with a background in homebuilding, I grew up observing the crazy thing that is “home ownership,” which I felt could be more accurately described as "homes owning people."

I set out on a journey to discover alternative ways of building and living, ways that left people with more time and more control in their lives.

While my position on mortgages has softened over the years, I have also found myriad ways to avoid them, discovering a wide gamut of people carving their own paths in life.

In 2014 I began my own journey into alternative homes, discovering vandwelling while doing research for this site. I decided to jump in head first, and spent the next year setting up my roving home and office inside of a used Chevy Express rental van.

Some interior shots of the van

Ross Lukeman traveling Highway 84 in Northern New Mexico

Traveling Highway 84 in Northern New Mexico

I left my hometown of Houston, Texas in July of 2016 and now run Alternative Homes Today from the road, which gives me the ability to capture new stories, help students with their building projects, visit lots of places and in general try to live as if my time here were limited.

Thanks for reading!

Written December 5, 2016 from Seattle, Washington


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