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How To Use a Van Conversion to meet your travel and lifestyle goals, without making a bunch of costly mistakes (that you may just have to live with). 

The Van Conversion Video Mini-Workshop (free).

The #vanlife movement has exploded in recent years. Learn how to use a van conversion to meet your travel and lifestyle goals without costly mistakes in this free video training series.


They're versatile

Whether you're a digital nomad, a full-time traveler, or a "sometimer" making shorter trips, van conversions can give you the flexibility to meet your travel and lifestyle goals.

It's Growing - Like Crazy

Mercedes alone sold 192,000 Sprinter vans in the first HALF of 2017, as new technologies and emerging options give people new ways to live, travel and work.

Learn from Experience

This van conversion training is taught by Ross Lukeman, who has worked with over 150 van conversion students from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand since 2015.

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